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2010-10-27 16:33  

New York, June 21, 2010

Senior Cabinet Ministers Highlight Canada’s Global Economic Leadership From Three Different Continents

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* Canada’s Global Economic Leadership: A Report to Canadians (in attachment)


NEW YORK – Canada is leading the world in the global economic recovery, said the Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, who is in New York today to release a report charting Canada’s strong record of growth, open trade and financial sector performance as compared to other industrialized nations.

To complement Minister Flaherty’s event, the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, and the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources, are also releasing the same report in London, UK and in Beijing, China today.

“Wherever I travel—at home and abroad—Canada’s economic leadership is evident,” said Minister Flaherty. “We’re open for business, creating more and better jobs today and for the future. As Canada prepares to host the world at the G-8 and G-20 summits, we have a great economic story to tell, and we can capitalize on it.”

Minister Flaherty said the document, Canada’s Global Economic Leadership: A Report to Canadians, demonstrates Canada is far advanced on the key priorities facing G-20 leaders, including fiscal consolidation, trade liberalization and financial sector reform.

The report notes that:

* The decline in output in Canada during the recession was the smallest of G-7 countries.
* Canada is the only G-7 country to have virtually recouped the loss in output during the recession.
* Canada is the only G-7 country to record a year-over-year increase in employment in March 2010.

“Continuing to emerge from the global recession, Canada showed the strongest economic growth in 10 years in the first quarter,” said Minister Flaherty. “Our Government has responded to the recession with the right policies to stimulate the economy and create jobs. We have lowered taxes, invested in infrastructure and training, and boosted support for workers and families.”

Minister Flaherty noted that Canada has kept its economy open for investment from all around the world, resisting protectionism and taking down barriers to trade.

At the same time, Canada has played a leadership role in global discussions on ways to prevent a future crisis with the G-8, G-20 and other international organizations.

As host of the G-20 Leaders’ Summit, Canada’s priority is to ensure all G-20 countries work together to put their fiscal positions on a sustainable track, strengthen the global financial system and pursue policies that foster strong, sustained and balanced growth for all countries.

“One of the key lessons of the global recession and financial crisis is that sound macroeconomic and financial policies matter. Our financial system has served as a model for reforms, and our fiscal situation is the envy of countries facing crippling deficits,” he added.

Senior government ministers are communicating Canada’s economic message to G‑20 governments, business leaders and investors around the world.

“Canada plays an important leadership role on the world stage,” said Minister Kenney in London. “We are keeping our fiscal house in order with a three-point plan to ensure we return to balanced budgets in a timely manner. Financial markets around the world are sending clear signals that public debt in many countries is far too high. I am proud to say that Canada’s federal deficit will be virtually eliminated by 2014.”

In Beijing, Minister Paradis noted that Canada is an ideal investment destination. “Canada is leading the way toward sustainable prosperity by reducing taxes and opening doors to foreign investment and trade,” he said. He pointed out that according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada will be the number one place to do business in the G-7 for the next five years.

“This year, Canada will have an overall tax rate on new business investment that is the lowest in the G-7. Canada is also the first G-20 member to become a tariff-free zone for industrial manufacturers,” Minister Flaherty said. “This will enhance Canadian competitiveness and demonstrates Canadian leadership in support of global trade liberalization.”


* 报告摘要:加拿大的全球经济领导地位 (见附件)


6月21日,加拿大财政部长吉姆·弗拉赫蒂(Jim Flaherty)在纽约指出,加拿大在全球经济复苏方面领先于世界。他今天在纽约发表的一份报告中,阐明了与其他工业化国家相比,加拿大强劲的增长记录、开放的贸易和金融部门绩效。

为配合弗拉赫蒂部长的报告,加拿大公民、移民和多元文化部长杰森·肯尼(Jason Kenney)以及自然资源部长克里斯琴·柏拉迪(Christian Paradis)今天分别在英国伦敦和中国北京发表了同样的报告。

“我所到之处——无论在国内还是国外——加拿大的经济领导地位是显而易见的,” 弗拉赫蒂部长说,“我们开放的经营,为今天和未来创造更多更好的就业机会。正当加拿大准备举办八国集团峰会和二十国集团峰会时,我们将分享伟大的经济成功经验,并且我们将利用这一经验。”



* 在经济衰退期间,加拿大的产值下降是七国集团中最少的。
* 加拿大是唯一一个实际上已收回在经济衰退期间产值损失的七国集团国家。
* 加拿大是唯一一个在2010年3月就业人数比去年同期增加的七国集团国家。







“加拿大在世界舞台上发挥了重要的领导作用。” 肯尼部长在伦敦说,“我们运用三点计划保持我们的财政状况井然有序,以确保我们及时回到平衡预算的轨道。世界各地的金融市场正在发出明确信号:许多国家的公共债务过高。我很自豪地说,到2014年以前,加拿大的联邦赤字将实际上被消除。”


“今年,加拿大将在七国集团中保持最低的新企业投资总体税率。加拿大也是成为工业制造商保税区的第一个二十国集团成员。” 弗拉赫蒂部长说,“这将增强加拿大的竞争力,并表明加拿大在支持全球贸易自由化方面的领导作用。”

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